Jaynestown Mudders 2.0 Hockey Jersey Design

The jersey you would most likely find Jin & Scrap wearing as they cheered on their favorite team.

Dave's Geeky Hockey

Jaynestown Mudders Canton Hero hockey jerseyHere’s an update to the ol’ Mudders jersey! I wanted to make the logos and numbers stand out more this time, hence the inclusion of black and gold. All of the logos are new.

Here is a mockup:

Mudders Hockey Jersey

Why all the updates to old designs, you ask? If listings are parked too long in the ‘By Demand’ section (on the Geeky Jerseys’ homepage), then I will do my best to spruce them up. I’ve recently tweaked designs for Monarchs, Spartans, Dwarves, Space Rangers, MAD, and Ballsy too. I will be doing a few more in the coming weeks as well.

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Serenity – Leaves on the Wind #5 & 6

You know what’s a good day?


The day you get the new Firefly RPG book AND all the latest Firefly figs.  So who wants to play?


Well until then, let’s take a look at the conclusion of the Serenity comic.

Issue 5

A great, action-packed issue that is probably my favorite of this run… it’s mostly fighting.  River against a similar student, Operative against Operative, Browncoats against… hang on, this is almost entirely a “_ vs [evil double of]_” issue.

Well it’s still entertaining and the flashbacks in the issue all pay off pretty well.

There are two main complaints I had here. (Sort of had a problem where Jayne gets his arm broke by someone that weighs less than the barbells he probably uses for curls but that could be artist fault not writer.)

1) I was disappointed some with River’s fight.  Sure I could see her or her opponent defeating opponents because their psychic ability should give them an advantage but what would happen when two psychics fight each other?  River seemed to transform into just another ordinary human being in this fight with no sign of the slaughter storm she unleashed on the Reavers.  I was hoping the fight would be more of an action packed stalemate with everyone else in the room getting knocked around as the two girls tried to figure out some advantage over the other.  Or maybe have the psychic soldier that was unleashed be a big muscular guy like Jayne that can work on cornering and just sheer overpowering River.  One kind of wonders why the Alliance is only picking psychic girls to fight at the moment. (Hmmm… wouldn’t the Alliance maybe be interested in having said girls be used for a kind of eugenic breeding program?  THAT would be evil.)

2) This may change when I sit down and reread the entire series in one go but the revelation about the browncoats didn’t have the impact I felt like they wanted.  The Alliance guy had a point (disorganization is a big advantage for the BCs) but I couldn’t figure if he was comparing the current independents to those in the first war or in the period after the war (because of everything we saw, the independents seemed pretty darned organized the first time around).

Issue 6

On the whole not bad and I greatly appreciate that they set up several potential threads for future stories.  The “interrogation” of the Alliance man was also awesome – though it does set up terrifying implications should any of the crew get captured by the Alliance (like Zoe this time – hey wait).  However, there were some pretty big flaws in this issue:

  • When Zoe is escaping, the biker-guards sent after her end up being an innumerable horde.  1) How do they have that many guards at a prison like that?  Especially when the idea of putting a prison at a hostile location is so you don’t have to have as many guards as usual.  2) This makes about the 2nd or 3rd comic (and +1 times now) where the big, on-screen, climatic flight was the crew vs a large number/horde of foes.  It kind of gives you the sensation that the story is getting into a rut.
  • Zoe vs Operative – Zoe wins?  After not only giving birth but after being in jail on an inhospitable planet?  While the Operative (a superb fighter) has barely strained himself recently?  No, I call foul on that.  Although not having to see it does give it a lot of wiggle room as any of the following could explain it: 1) Zoe is a cyborg. 2) Wrecked with guilt the Operative let her win. 3) The Operative turn and ran and Zoe was in no condition to chase him.  Well it’s also possible that Zoe has wrestled “mary sue” status away from River but I prefer to think it was 2.
  • Jubal’s revealed to barely be alive!  Meh, like I’ve said before, I don’t care about him.  Some might consider this a plus for the issue.
  • “You can fix her, Simon.”  This is, by far, the biggest deal.  We might have been able to overlook it before but in one panel the comic reveals: Simon now has no point.  In the show Simon had a plot arc: Fix River (with “screw Kaylee” being a second, competing arc).  Given that we only had one season, some of the other characters were denied arcs: Zoe, Wash (well he had 1 episode arc at least), and Kaylee.  Zoe/Wash’s arc was hinted at in “Heart of Gold” and embraced with the comics (parenthood).  In the lost episodes we see arcs that Kaylee might have had but ultimately all she’s really been given is: “be with Simon”.  Even a potential arc over having to deal with Jubal was resolved in issue 3.  Now that Kaylee & Simon are together, and River is “fixed”, there is nothing for them to do now.  Cure others that were operated on like River?  That can now be done on an outpatient basis.  There’s nothing really for Simon & Kaylee to do any more other than each other.  And not that they don’t deserve it, but they need something now to push their characters forward.  Those two are my favorite pair, let’s see something. (Heck an arc of Simon asking, “Now what do I do with my life?” would be a good one even if it was meta.)

Now how much longer until our next issue?

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Serenity – Leaves on the Wind #3 & 4

Episode 5 will be reaching the rough draft point by the end of this week, so in the meantime, let’s resume our spoiler examination of the Serenity comic.

Issue 3

I admit I was nervous about this one as River “dived” into her memories to uncover new secrets about the Alliance.  Were we about to get a big revelation?  Would I have to junk most of episode 4 to stay in canon?  Thankfully Zack did not overplay the revelation hand this issue but made it a confirmation of what was hinted at in the movie and “Objects in Space”: there are more like River.

It is now an official running gag that we’ll never get a fight between Jayne & Jubal (which is fair as I don’t think you’d have an outcome that would satisfy the fans) but I did enjoy Kaylee blind-siding the guy.  I’ve never been that fond of Jubal as a character and thought he was, not too unlike Boba Fett, a bit overrated.

After a trip into her mind and back out, it seems also confirmed now that River is pretty much as close to “normal” as she’ll ever get, with maybe just enough mental damage to keep her Mary-Sue possibilities in check.

The final page does show one of the problems with the artwork as I was unable to tell who the last panel was supposed to be (heck he was drawn similar enough to Jubal I thought it was a clone at first).  Once the next issue confirmed who it was supposed to be… well it does make rereading the comic a treat.

Issue 4

First I just have to say that THIS:

Is one of my favorite comic covers of all time.  It’s just… gorgeous.

A plan and set up issue, this one is great for watching a lot of characters bounce off of each other – you know, what made so many of us fall in love with Serenity in the first place.

I do find Zoe’s fighting in the prison a bit hard to swallow.  I mean how long after the birth is this supposed to be?  I know she’s strong and all but… still.

A lot in this issue does feel like a tribute to some of the “what might have been” seasons of Firefly.  If you’ve read any of that, you’ll recognize a lot of touches in this issue, though a few things have been streamlined from a script for an hour-long show to a comic book.

This issue is far more straightforward than the previous but it is great to see all the pieces move into place for the climax we’ve been waiting for.

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Episode 4 – Bird Mad Girl

The crew have made it to Miranda.  Now what do they do?

And what happens when they find something the Serenity crew missed the first time?

Find out in Episode 4.

(WARNING: this episode is kind of one of those “parental advisory” ones, so be forewarned if you are a sensitive type)

The show pitch

Another season of Supernatural done, and a potential spinoff dead on the vine.  On the other hand, the network is interested in doing another spinoff

Well using the format that Alice, the head of Winchester Family Business, suggested when she asked us: “What would be your spinoff pitch?” Here’s my honest to goodness idea of this, as a show:

Title: Supernatural- Into the Black OR Echo Trail OR On the Edge OR ___ (it’s negotiable – suggest more in the comments!)

Premise: 500 years after the adventures of Sam & Dean, humanity has moved to the stars beyond and set up a new home.  Monsters have followed them there and find the frontier as appealing as mankind…  Someone will have to protect the innocent, while trying to stay a step ahead of the oppressive government that’s almost as much as a threat as the monsters.

Captain Lori Walker – owner and captain of the ship the group of hunters use (casting pick or alternate)
Michael “Patch” Wesson – doctor of the ship and primary researcher (casting pick)
Kris Argento – tech whiz of the ship (maybe, ideas?)
Jin – pilot of the ship (casting pick – oh I so wish)
Scrap Heap – engineer of the ship (casting pick maybe)
mid season addition (casting pick or this one or this one [gotta have a kentucky girl])

Possible companion on CW schedule: I’ll leave this aside since I’m not much one for programming. (feel free to suggest!)

No, this is not “just” shameless self promotion. Part of why I undertook this project is because the idea that Firefly/Serenity is 500 years in the future of Supernatural fit so well I had to give it life somehow. This show wouldn’t even have to use my crew (let’s pick up the actors from Bloodlines, why not?), a new one could be invented. Still, the ability to bring in a whole other fandom (that already has a lot of overlap obviously) while possibly adding the great Joss Whedon into the set up… then you combie Supernatural’s style, the western genre, and sci-fi genre, it would all be just too perfect to pass up. If I could get all the rights straightened and get everyone to play nice together, this would be my life’s dream to see this live. Crazier crossovers have happened for real…


the Supernatural ‘Verse Board Game

Yeah it’s totally real!  All you need is a copy of:


(click pics to buy)

Set up:

  • Set up the FF board as normal then the S&B next to it.  Place the event deck and “misbehave” deck next to each other.
  • After you’ve chosen your ships and captain, each player is dealt a S&B character card.  Slide it under the captain so you can see what species he/she is as well as the combat stats.
  • Select a S&B token to represent the crew of each ship and place it on your Firefly card.
  • Keeping track of hearts on everyone can get crowded so you may want an alternate method to track health.


  • There is no stacking health in this version.  A character’s health can never exceed their listed maximum.
  • When you recruit a crewmember you choose to either draw a S&B character card to decide their species and stats, or they can be a generic “human” with 9 health and 4 attack.
  • S&B item rules supersede FF item rules, meaning that a crewmember’s species determines how many items they carry, not the general “1 item” limit.  However cards can still override these rules as well.  Example: Jayne Cobb says he may use 3 items.  Thus even if he happens to end up as an angel (which normally can use only one item) when you recruit him, you may still have the character using 3 items.
  • Items are items regardless of which game they are from.  Anything which references items in general (example: “Lose one item”) can affect either S&B of FF items.  This also applies to “does not count towards item limit” cards. (example: Since Jayne’s hat doesn’t count towards your item limit, an angel character could use that and a second item.)
  • The S&B gameboard represents the surface of every planet in on the FF gameboard.  Anytime you would normally “work a job”, “negotiate a job” or “shop”, part of your crew will have to go down to the planet surface.
    • Separate out your crew such that it’s clear which are on the planet and which are on board the ship.  Then place the S&B token from your ship card onto the S&B gameboard.  It must go at the “start” space where the planet’s spaceport is.  However if you wish, you may spend 1 fuel to place your token at any intersection or crossroads on the board.
    • “Roaming” a planet is now one of the two actions you can take a turn.  “Landing” on a planet (placing your token onto the S&B gameboard) and “leaving” a planet (removing your token from the S&B gameboard) are both free actions.  Roaming is a repeatable action as you may do it for both of your turn’s actions.
    • To leave a planet your crew must make it back to the “start” space or stop on any intersection and spend 1 fuel.
    • If you do not have, or choose not to take a vehicle with you, any number of your crew may come to the planet, but they can only move one space at a time on the S&B gameboard.
    • If you do have a vehicle you wish to take, you only enough crew may join your captain as allowed by the trunk number on the vehicle. (example: The school bus has a trunk # of 5.  So your captain and 4 additional crew may come along.  If you only have the fixit, with a trunk # of 1, the captain must go alone.)
    • If you have a vehicle, you can roll a die to see how far the crew travels that turn.  If you roll a 6, you may choose to either keep that result, or treat it like a “thrillin heroics” and roll again, adding the next result to the previous.
    • Although multiple crews might have tokens on the S&B gameboard, they are not considered “present” or required to fight each other unless the ships of both tokens are in the same sector.
    • Event cards that reference hunters will only affect those crew that are on the same planet.
    • To shop for items, new crew, etc, the captain of your ship must land on the respective planets (Osiris, Regina, etc) and travel to either of the “motel” spaces.  Shopping still costs an action like normal and you may also rest at the motel as an action to heal up your crew.
    • To negotiate for jobs, the captain of your ship must land on the respective planet and then move to the “Diner” space.  Once there it is an action to negotiate.  You can also spend an action to have all crew present heal 5.
    • The sole exception is Harken.  Since he’s on board a ship, you never have to land on a planet to negotiate with him.
    • Roaming the planet replaces the usual “looking for work” action.  Now instead of receiving a flat $200, you move about the S&B gameboard.  Each event you get through without someone dying is worth $100.  If you defeat a monster, you choose to either receive $100 times the number of lives the monster is worth or that number of passengers/fugitives to come aboard your ship.
    • You may choose to move forward or backwards on the S&B gameboard except in the middle of a moving action. (example: If you roll a 4, you may move your token forward or backward 4 spaces.  You cannot move forwards 3 spaces then backwards 1.)
    • If your movement would take you past an intersection, you can always choose to stop (so you can leave the planet).
  • Whenever a “transport” comes up in a shop pile (such as the mule), you may spend the amount of money listed to draw a card from the S&B vehicle deck.  These vehicle cards do count as “transports” for any FF card that references this trait.
  • If you haven’t yet gotten a vehicle, you cannot gain any trunk cards.  If you land on a trunk space, nothing happens for that turn.
  • Death also has less sting in this game.  If any crew member dies, discard their S&B card (if any) and place the FF card into purgatory.  Once a turn, as a free action, a player may roll to see if any escape.  If that player rolls a ‘3’, they choose one card currently in purgatory and place it into its respective discard pile.
  • To start a job: land on the planet required (if any) and survive 1 event.  To finish a job: land on the planet required (if any) and survive an event.  If the job requires “misbehaving”, then while roaming a planet you may choose to draw misbehaving cards instead of event cards.  Note that each misbehave card is considered to have the text: “If you pass, you may roam the planet again as a free action.”

And… I think that’s it.  If anyone seriously tries this they should be medicated I’ll be impressed.  But if you come across any rule hiccup or something I didn’t cover, just ask and I’ll invent the answer.  Or leave a comment detailing the solution you invented and much internets shall be yours!

Serenity – Leaves on the Wind #2

Thoughts on issue 2 of the ongoing Serenity comic series.  Again, assuming at this point you’ve bought a copy.

  • They should have called this issue “reunion” as it’s a lot of people coming together.
  • Although Zoe is torn away from the crew.  While I liked that moment (and think this may be foreshadowing of Mal becoming unmoored from his personal compass as Zoe was always his anchor) I was disappointed we didn’t see any effort by Zoe to mislead the Feds.  Then again this could be seen as a sign of just how disgusted she is with the Alliance that she can’t even feign working with them to save the crew.  So the narrative move is allowed, but there is a flag on it.
  • Jayne is back with the crew!  And… I’m not sure why.  No, not why he’s back but why he was ever away in the first place.  Right now it looks like it could be entirely because the story needed to get the rebel girl (I’ll remember her name if she survives two more issues – until then she’s just R.G.) on board Serenity but then why not have her rescue Zoe and let the girls arrive on Serenity that way?  So far it looks like Jayne is undergoing a slightly longer replay of his final minutes in the episode “Ariel” which I find disappointing.  It looked like after that, especially after the movie, that Jayne had grown at least a tiny bit beyond the man who looks after only himself – by the end of Serenity it looks like Jayne’s actually doing something for the greater good!  So I’m torn.  On the one hand, I’d like for them to just end this storyline and move away from it less it repeat a previously great moment.  On the other, part of me says that if you’re going to bother doing this kind of rollback on Jayne’s character, it better be worth it.
  • Speaking of R.G. I do hope she survives on Serenity for awhile and fills in the character gaps that are now left by the deaths of Book & Wash.  The only problem is that with River unlocking her “mary sue powers” in the movie, she not only has lost the role of “ship mascot”, but has taken the roles of Wash’s piloting, Book’s fighting, and possibly Book’s wisdom & knowledge.  Wash’s humor is the biggest gap in the crew (though River’s trying for that now and then).  However given that the whole series is taking on a darker tone, there’s little room for that position to be around at all and there’s no telling when (if ever) it will be filled.  So all things considered, R.G. looks to be set up to filling Zoe’s sidekick/advisor role.
  • Plus I wonder, is R.G. going to be in a love triangle with Inara for Mal’s heart, or an advice triangle with Zoe for Mal’s ear?  Is she going to get with Jayne romantically or will River win the big guy’s heart?
  • Speaking of River I’m not sure how I feel about this “look for more secrets” move.  It feels too much like an effort by the writers to try and reset the narrative clock back to zero with “River knowing something she shouldn’t”.  We’ll have to see if next issue she still has her wits about her or if something goes wrong and she ends up regressing back to her pre-Serenity mode.  Well I hope they don’t.  Even though I said she’s mary-suish right now, I’d rather see her grow with this and for the crew to face appropriate challenges to having her on their side than to have everything else undone by the superb movie.
  • Is that a more advance model Firefly?  Since Serenity is a mk 3, I’m guessing the ship we see is a 5 as it doesn’t seem quite right for a mk 4 to be that much larger when building.  Unless it’s an early mk 1 before the ship’s were streamlined.  I’ll have to dig around for that.
  • Hey Jubal is back!  I really don’t care.  Yeah I know from interviews and all he’s pretty much “Boba Fett” that Joss tossed in to spice up his “Objects in Space” plot but you know what?  I consider Fett to have the same problem: A lot of tell, very little show and when they do try and show how badass these guys should be (like in this issue), it comes off feeling very contrived.

Still, it’s great to have this series and it’s killing me having to wait for the next issue! (especially as I want to make sure nothing I write steps on any canon)  What did you think and which cover did you pick up? (or did you get both?)

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How they roll – Scrap Heap

While I prep for the next episode to release in the March hiatus, each day this week I’m going to release the RPG stats on the crew and ship.  I’m going to be using the Cortex classic (or the “Cortex 1.5” as I like to call it) system described in the Supernatural and Serenity RPG book (especially the Big Damn Heroes book).  Once the new Firefly RPG corebook releases this year, I’ll see how much can be adapted into Cortex 2 (or “cortex plus” if you want to use the proper naming).

Ministry of Intelligence Communique

(for authorized eyes only)

Scrap Heap

Rank: Engineer
Ship: Echo Trail

Latest medical data [attributes]

  • Agility – d6
  • Strength – d4
  • Vitality – d8
  • Alertness – d10
  • Intelligence – d10
  • Willpower – d4

Observed proficiencies [skills]

  • Craft d4
  • Knowledge d6 (Ships d8)
  • Mechanic d6 (Customization d10) (Jury-Rigging d12) (Mechanical Repairs d10)
  • Melee Weapons d4
  • Perception d6
  • Science d6
  • Tech d6 (Electronics d8) (Jury-Rigging d10) (Repair Electrical Systems d8)

Distinguishing characteristics [assets]

  • Fast on Your Feet d2
  • Mechanical Empathy/Gear Head d6
  • Photographic Memory d4

Possible vulnerabilities [complications]

  • Crude d4
  • Scrawny d4
  • Illiterate Backbirth d4

Name unknown.  Age unknown.

Demonstrates an ability to reverse engineer almost anything he’s seen – even if the design details may be off, it will work like the original.  Also shows great skill at fashioning almost anything from random objects, though some limitations in ability to read.  If captured do not leave unattended.

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How they roll – Jin

While I prep for the next episode to release in the March hiatus, each day this week I’m going to release the RPG stats on the crew and ship.  I’m going to be using the Cortex classic (or the “Cortex 1.5” as I like to call it) system described in the Supernatural and Serenity RPG book (especially the Big Damn Heroes book).  Once the new Firefly RPG corebook releases this year, I’ll see how much can be adapted into Cortex 2 (or “cortex plus” if you want to use the proper naming).

Ministry of Intelligence Communique

(for authorized eyes only)

Jin [redacted]

Rank: Pilot
Ship: Echo Trail

Latest medical data [attributes]

  • Agility – d4
  • Strength – d12
  • Vitality – d8
  • Alertness – d6
  • Intelligence – d6
  • Willpower – d6

Observed proficiencies [skills]

  • Covert d6
  • Guns d4
  • Heavy Weapons d4
  • Knowledge d6 (Culture d10) (Military d8)
  • Linguist d4
  • Perception d4
  • Pilot d6 (Starships d12)
  • Survival d6
  • Unarmed Combat d6 (Brawling d10)

Distinguishing characteristics [assets]

  • Blastomere Implants d4
  • Born Behind the Wheel (starships) d6
  • Uncommon Knowledge (the Alliance) d6

Possible vulnerabilities [complications]

  • Illness d12
  • Wisecracker/Smartass d4


You do not have clearance to review the full record.

Retrieval of subject is high priority.

Survival of subject is optional.

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How they roll – Kris Argento

While I prep for the next episode to release in the March hiatus, each day this week I’m going to release the RPG stats on the crew and ship.  I’m going to be using the Cortex classic (or the “Cortex 1.5” as I like to call it) system described in the Supernatural and Serenity RPG book (especially the Big Damn Heroes book).  Once the new Firefly RPG corebook releases this year, I’ll see how much can be adapted into Cortex 2 (or “cortex plus” if you want to use the proper naming).

Ministry of Intelligence Communique

(for authorized eyes only)

Kris Argento

Rank: Cortex Tech
Ship: Echo Trail

Latest medical data [attributes]

  • Agility – d8
  • Strength – d6
  • Vitality – d4
  • Alertness – d8
  • Intelligence – d10
  • Willpower – d6

Observed proficiencies [skills]

  • Artistry d6 (Poetry d8)
  • Covert d6 (Disable Devices d10)
  • Guns d6 (Assault Rifles d8)  (Pistols d8)
  • Knowledge d4
  • Lore d4
  • Technical Engineer/Tech d6 (Hacking d12) (Technical Repair d10) (Technical Security Systems d10) (Jury Rigging d12)

Distinguishing characteristics [assets]

  • CompTech/Tech Expert d6
  • Cortex Specter d10
  • Religiosity/Faith (Catholicism) d4

Possible vulnerabilities [complications]

  • Phobia (crowds/open spaces) d6
  • Traumatic Flashes d4
  • Shy d4
  • Socially Awkward d6

Investigations into Miss Argento haz re\/ealed t#at teh agen(y haZ 4 hge (rush o|\| h3r.  N factss, she’z wide|y c0nsidered t#e mostest beaut1ful wo|\/|an n teh v3rs3 &* (ertainly $mart 3nough 2 c1rcumvent wut r 4gency |aughably ca11s ”security”. ^_^ a11 bazez r beLongs 2 h3r;;1Md1sap01nt

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