Costume Contest!

Now that the mid season Hellatus is upon us, episodes for this will be releasing and we’ll be doing a few contests to promote it.  (not super fancy prizes, we are a budget here, but hopefully something for everyone)

First up since it’s winter in the northern half of the planet, SewGeekAustin has agreed to donate this lovely hat to keep somebody warm.

A warm and toasty hat.

However we here in the ‘verse feel like you need a little something more in the good fight, so we’ll be having a Devil’s Trap pinned to it to make sure those pesky demons stay out of your head.

So what’s the contest?  Design some costumes!  The captain and doctor already have distinctive looks (described in the upcoming episodes) but we still need some “regular” designs for the rest of the crew.  You can draw it up, sew it up, or assemble it from scraps in your closet and do a “cosplay” pose & picture.  Heck you can even do it for the captain’s & doctor’s costumes and add in some additional flavors.  We’ll take submissions until January 13th (which means you need to email it in before midnight Jan 12th) and either announce the winner on the 14th, or begin voting if we get just too many awesome entries to decide.

“Rules” (more like guidelines)

  • Send your entry to “spnverse” at gmail. (dotcom)  You can also email there or leave a comment on this post if you have some questions or want some clarifications.
  • Style should be evocative of both Firefly and Supernatural both.  This is a crew living on the edge, of the edge.  Sometimes they have to choose between buying clothes, or bullets.
  • If you want to add a story to something (like how Dean’s coat belonged to his father), go ahead, though the editorial staff may have to make adjustments to it to make it fit within past or upcoming canon.
  • If you’ve already got the hat, but still want to participate, feel free, just let us know in your submission and we’ll work something out.

More contests coming as the hiatus drags on, so if clothes aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you’ll get a chance for more. 😉


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