Episode 3 – Meaner than a Junkyard Dog

They have a plan, now it’s just a matter of pulling it off.

The question is, can they make it to the heart of Reaver territory?  If they survive, would they like what they find?

Episode 3 is now here.

And that’s my “mid season” hiatus until the summer comes around.  Unless enough people express a desire to get episode 4 before then.  Just leave a comment here or tweet @spnserenity for begging or threatening.

Stay shiny and keep flying!


Lost episodes found!

While episode 3 is being edited (I’m posting previews of it on the twitter account @SPNSerenity), I thought I’d do my part to restore and keep up a bit of internet history.

The firefly Lost episodes.

In general really good, although a lot of it has to be thrown out of canon after some of the comic issues.  And obviously since some episodes touch on the Serenity movie they also have to be discarded where they conflict, which is a shame because some of the extended action sequences and drama are really good.  Although at times you do appreciate the tighter pacing of the movie.

So while I can’t acknowledge all of these scripts as canon, I will try and work tributes to them in where I can.

I especially recommend episode 217 as it’s a better and more appropriate backstory for Shepherd Book than the one the comics gave us in my opinion.

Keep an eye out for later this week for the next episode before we go on hiatus during the show run.