How they roll – Lori Walker

While I prep for the next episode to release in the March hiatus, each day this week I’m going to release the RPG stats on the crew and ship.  I’m going to be using the Cortex classic (or the “Cortex 1.5” as I like to call it) system described in the Supernatural and Serenity RPG book (especially the Big Damn Heroes book).  Once the new Firefly RPG corebook releases this year, I’ll see how much can be adapted into Cortex 2.0 (or “cortex plus” if you want to use the proper naming).

Ministry of Intelligence Communique

(for authorized eyes only)

Lori Walker

Rank: Captain
Ship: Echo Trail

Latest medical data [attributes]

  • Agility – d8
  • Strength – d6
  • Vitality – d6
  • Alertness – d10
  • Intelligence – d8
  • Willpower – d10

Observed proficiencies [skills]

  • Covert d6 (Streetwise d8) (Stealth d8)
  • Discipline d6 (Leadership d10)
  • Guns d6 (Pistol d12) (Shotgun d8)
  • Influence d6
  • Knowledge d6
  • Lore d4
  • Perception d6  (Investigation d10)
  • Pilot d4
  • Survival d2
  • Unarmed Combat d2

Distinguishing characteristics [assets]

  • Good Name/Reputation d2
  • Leadership d6
  • Light Sleeper d4
  • Mighty Fine Hat/Signature Possession (revolver) d6

Possible vulnerabilities [complications]

  • Credo/Duty (to crew) d8
  • Nosy/Insatiable Curiosity d4
  • Superstitious d2

Records indicate that, as a young girl and before the Unification War, Lori spent a lot of time with her father who operated a small shipping company.  When he died at some point during the war, she took over the operation and continued running supplies for us and – according to reliable sources – the Independents.  Sometime at the close of the war or soon after it, an incident occurred that wrecked her father’s ship (and possibly some of the crew though numbers and identities are currently unavailable).  The Echo Trail resulted from her efforts to rebuild the wreckage.  We are still investigating how she recruited her current crew.

She is extremely loyal to her crew yet is known to seek out unexplained happenings heedless of the danger.  Exhibits signs of superstition and a belief in mythical beings.  Recently Captain Walker has been getting too close to classified secrets.  Recommend a trap be set using either “classified” information or “rumors” about a monster.  It is preferable that one of her crew be captured.

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