How they roll – Mikey Wesson

While I prep for the next episode to release in the March hiatus, each day this week I’m going to release the RPG stats on the crew and ship.  I’m going to be using the Cortex classic (or the “Cortex 1.5” as I like to call it) system described in the Supernatural and Serenity RPG book (especially the Big Damn Heroes book).  Once the new Firefly RPG corebook releases this year, I’ll see how much can be adapted into Cortex 2 (or “cortex plus” if you want to use the proper naming).

Ministry of Intelligence Communique

(for authorized eyes only)

Michael “Patch” Wesson

Rank: Doctor (2nd in command)
Ship: Echo Trail

Latest medical data [attributes]

  • Agility – d6
  • Strength – d8
  • Vitality – d10
  • Alertness – d6
  • Intelligence – d12
  • Willpower – d6

Observed proficiencies [skills]

  • Covert d4
  • Discipline d6 (Concentration d10)
  • Guns d2
  • Influence d4
  • Knowledge d6
  • Lore d6 (Mythology d8) (Symbols d8)
  • Medicine d6 (First Aid d8) (Surgery d10) (Pharmaceuticals d8)
  • Perception d6 (Empathy d8)
  • Science d6
  • Unarmed Combat d4

Distinguishing characteristics [assets]

  • Highly Educated/Higher Education d4
  • Devoted (Lori) d6
  • Sawbones d6
  • Sensitive d6
  • Steady Calm/Cool Under Fire d6

Possible vulnerabilities [complications]

  • Credo/Duty (Hippocratic Oath) d12
  • Dark Secret d8
  • Hooked (alcohol/self-harm) d4

More commonly referred to as ‘Patch’ by his crew-mates, observation has uncovered the doctor’s name to be “Michael Wesson”.  Although not a popular moniker, it is not uncommon either; the Ministry is still investigating all records of persons by that name.  Thus far, none fit this individual’s profile nor show any signs attending a medical school able to train a person of his proficiency.  It is highly likely that his name is a fake, and judging by his drinking habits and tendency to self-harm, his real name hides something unbearable to his conscience.

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