Serenity – Leaves on the Wind #2

Thoughts on issue 2 of the ongoing Serenity comic series.  Again, assuming at this point you’ve bought a copy.

  • They should have called this issue “reunion” as it’s a lot of people coming together.
  • Although Zoe is torn away from the crew.  While I liked that moment (and think this may be foreshadowing of Mal becoming unmoored from his personal compass as Zoe was always his anchor) I was disappointed we didn’t see any effort by Zoe to mislead the Feds.  Then again this could be seen as a sign of just how disgusted she is with the Alliance that she can’t even feign working with them to save the crew.  So the narrative move is allowed, but there is a flag on it.
  • Jayne is back with the crew!  And… I’m not sure why.  No, not why he’s back but why he was ever away in the first place.  Right now it looks like it could be entirely because the story needed to get the rebel girl (I’ll remember her name if she survives two more issues – until then she’s just R.G.) on board Serenity but then why not have her rescue Zoe and let the girls arrive on Serenity that way?  So far it looks like Jayne is undergoing a slightly longer replay of his final minutes in the episode “Ariel” which I find disappointing.  It looked like after that, especially after the movie, that Jayne had grown at least a tiny bit beyond the man who looks after only himself – by the end of Serenity it looks like Jayne’s actually doing something for the greater good!  So I’m torn.  On the one hand, I’d like for them to just end this storyline and move away from it less it repeat a previously great moment.  On the other, part of me says that if you’re going to bother doing this kind of rollback on Jayne’s character, it better be worth it.
  • Speaking of R.G. I do hope she survives on Serenity for awhile and fills in the character gaps that are now left by the deaths of Book & Wash.  The only problem is that with River unlocking her “mary sue powers” in the movie, she not only has lost the role of “ship mascot”, but has taken the roles of Wash’s piloting, Book’s fighting, and possibly Book’s wisdom & knowledge.  Wash’s humor is the biggest gap in the crew (though River’s trying for that now and then).  However given that the whole series is taking on a darker tone, there’s little room for that position to be around at all and there’s no telling when (if ever) it will be filled.  So all things considered, R.G. looks to be set up to filling Zoe’s sidekick/advisor role.
  • Plus I wonder, is R.G. going to be in a love triangle with Inara for Mal’s heart, or an advice triangle with Zoe for Mal’s ear?  Is she going to get with Jayne romantically or will River win the big guy’s heart?
  • Speaking of River I’m not sure how I feel about this “look for more secrets” move.  It feels too much like an effort by the writers to try and reset the narrative clock back to zero with “River knowing something she shouldn’t”.  We’ll have to see if next issue she still has her wits about her or if something goes wrong and she ends up regressing back to her pre-Serenity mode.  Well I hope they don’t.  Even though I said she’s mary-suish right now, I’d rather see her grow with this and for the crew to face appropriate challenges to having her on their side than to have everything else undone by the superb movie.
  • Is that a more advance model Firefly?  Since Serenity is a mk 3, I’m guessing the ship we see is a 5 as it doesn’t seem quite right for a mk 4 to be that much larger when building.  Unless it’s an early mk 1 before the ship’s were streamlined.  I’ll have to dig around for that.
  • Hey Jubal is back!  I really don’t care.  Yeah I know from interviews and all he’s pretty much “Boba Fett” that Joss tossed in to spice up his “Objects in Space” plot but you know what?  I consider Fett to have the same problem: A lot of tell, very little show and when they do try and show how badass these guys should be (like in this issue), it comes off feeling very contrived.

Still, it’s great to have this series and it’s killing me having to wait for the next issue! (especially as I want to make sure nothing I write steps on any canon)  What did you think and which cover did you pick up? (or did you get both?)

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