the Supernatural ‘Verse Board Game

Yeah it’s totally real!  All you need is a copy of:


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Set up:

  • Set up the FF board as normal then the S&B next to it.  Place the event deck and “misbehave” deck next to each other.
  • After you’ve chosen your ships and captain, each player is dealt a S&B character card.  Slide it under the captain so you can see what species he/she is as well as the combat stats.
  • Select a S&B token to represent the crew of each ship and place it on your Firefly card.
  • Keeping track of hearts on everyone can get crowded so you may want an alternate method to track health.


  • There is no stacking health in this version.  A character’s health can never exceed their listed maximum.
  • When you recruit a crewmember you choose to either draw a S&B character card to decide their species and stats, or they can be a generic “human” with 9 health and 4 attack.
  • S&B item rules supersede FF item rules, meaning that a crewmember’s species determines how many items they carry, not the general “1 item” limit.  However cards can still override these rules as well.  Example: Jayne Cobb says he may use 3 items.  Thus even if he happens to end up as an angel (which normally can use only one item) when you recruit him, you may still have the character using 3 items.
  • Items are items regardless of which game they are from.  Anything which references items in general (example: “Lose one item”) can affect either S&B of FF items.  This also applies to “does not count towards item limit” cards. (example: Since Jayne’s hat doesn’t count towards your item limit, an angel character could use that and a second item.)
  • The S&B gameboard represents the surface of every planet in on the FF gameboard.  Anytime you would normally “work a job”, “negotiate a job” or “shop”, part of your crew will have to go down to the planet surface.
    • Separate out your crew such that it’s clear which are on the planet and which are on board the ship.  Then place the S&B token from your ship card onto the S&B gameboard.  It must go at the “start” space where the planet’s spaceport is.  However if you wish, you may spend 1 fuel to place your token at any intersection or crossroads on the board.
    • “Roaming” a planet is now one of the two actions you can take a turn.  “Landing” on a planet (placing your token onto the S&B gameboard) and “leaving” a planet (removing your token from the S&B gameboard) are both free actions.  Roaming is a repeatable action as you may do it for both of your turn’s actions.
    • To leave a planet your crew must make it back to the “start” space or stop on any intersection and spend 1 fuel.
    • If you do not have, or choose not to take a vehicle with you, any number of your crew may come to the planet, but they can only move one space at a time on the S&B gameboard.
    • If you do have a vehicle you wish to take, you only enough crew may join your captain as allowed by the trunk number on the vehicle. (example: The school bus has a trunk # of 5.  So your captain and 4 additional crew may come along.  If you only have the fixit, with a trunk # of 1, the captain must go alone.)
    • If you have a vehicle, you can roll a die to see how far the crew travels that turn.  If you roll a 6, you may choose to either keep that result, or treat it like a “thrillin heroics” and roll again, adding the next result to the previous.
    • Although multiple crews might have tokens on the S&B gameboard, they are not considered “present” or required to fight each other unless the ships of both tokens are in the same sector.
    • Event cards that reference hunters will only affect those crew that are on the same planet.
    • To shop for items, new crew, etc, the captain of your ship must land on the respective planets (Osiris, Regina, etc) and travel to either of the “motel” spaces.  Shopping still costs an action like normal and you may also rest at the motel as an action to heal up your crew.
    • To negotiate for jobs, the captain of your ship must land on the respective planet and then move to the “Diner” space.  Once there it is an action to negotiate.  You can also spend an action to have all crew present heal 5.
    • The sole exception is Harken.  Since he’s on board a ship, you never have to land on a planet to negotiate with him.
    • Roaming the planet replaces the usual “looking for work” action.  Now instead of receiving a flat $200, you move about the S&B gameboard.  Each event you get through without someone dying is worth $100.  If you defeat a monster, you choose to either receive $100 times the number of lives the monster is worth or that number of passengers/fugitives to come aboard your ship.
    • You may choose to move forward or backwards on the S&B gameboard except in the middle of a moving action. (example: If you roll a 4, you may move your token forward or backward 4 spaces.  You cannot move forwards 3 spaces then backwards 1.)
    • If your movement would take you past an intersection, you can always choose to stop (so you can leave the planet).
  • Whenever a “transport” comes up in a shop pile (such as the mule), you may spend the amount of money listed to draw a card from the S&B vehicle deck.  These vehicle cards do count as “transports” for any FF card that references this trait.
  • If you haven’t yet gotten a vehicle, you cannot gain any trunk cards.  If you land on a trunk space, nothing happens for that turn.
  • Death also has less sting in this game.  If any crew member dies, discard their S&B card (if any) and place the FF card into purgatory.  Once a turn, as a free action, a player may roll to see if any escape.  If that player rolls a ‘3’, they choose one card currently in purgatory and place it into its respective discard pile.
  • To start a job: land on the planet required (if any) and survive 1 event.  To finish a job: land on the planet required (if any) and survive an event.  If the job requires “misbehaving”, then while roaming a planet you may choose to draw misbehaving cards instead of event cards.  Note that each misbehave card is considered to have the text: “If you pass, you may roam the planet again as a free action.”

And… I think that’s it.  If anyone seriously tries this they should be medicated I’ll be impressed.  But if you come across any rule hiccup or something I didn’t cover, just ask and I’ll invent the answer.  Or leave a comment detailing the solution you invented and much internets shall be yours!