The show pitch

Another season of Supernatural done, and a potential spinoff dead on the vine.  On the other hand, the network is interested in doing another spinoff

Well using the format that Alice, the head of Winchester Family Business, suggested when she asked us: “What would be your spinoff pitch?” Here’s my honest to goodness idea of this, as a show:

Title: Supernatural- Into the Black OR Echo Trail OR On the Edge OR ___ (it’s negotiable – suggest more in the comments!)

Premise: 500 years after the adventures of Sam & Dean, humanity has moved to the stars beyond and set up a new home.  Monsters have followed them there and find the frontier as appealing as mankind…  Someone will have to protect the innocent, while trying to stay a step ahead of the oppressive government that’s almost as much as a threat as the monsters.

Captain Lori Walker – owner and captain of the ship the group of hunters use (casting pick or alternate)
Michael “Patch” Wesson – doctor of the ship and primary researcher (casting pick)
Kris Argento – tech whiz of the ship (maybe, ideas?)
Jin – pilot of the ship (casting pick – oh I so wish)
Scrap Heap – engineer of the ship (casting pick maybe)
mid season addition (casting pick or this one or this one [gotta have a kentucky girl])

Possible companion on CW schedule: I’ll leave this aside since I’m not much one for programming. (feel free to suggest!)

No, this is not “just” shameless self promotion. Part of why I undertook this project is because the idea that Firefly/Serenity is 500 years in the future of Supernatural fit so well I had to give it life somehow. This show wouldn’t even have to use my crew (let’s pick up the actors from Bloodlines, why not?), a new one could be invented. Still, the ability to bring in a whole other fandom (that already has a lot of overlap obviously) while possibly adding the great Joss Whedon into the set up… then you combie Supernatural’s style, the western genre, and sci-fi genre, it would all be just too perfect to pass up. If I could get all the rights straightened and get everyone to play nice together, this would be my life’s dream to see this live. Crazier crossovers have happened for real…



2 comments on “The show pitch

  1. Why not have the monsters already there, now? Have magc replace science as their means of travel (e.g. portals, vimanas, etc). Your show could be contemporary humans exploring the darkness, and fighting to survive…

    • Well I do like to leave a lot of flexibility in my ideas to expand wherever the muse may take me. Magical travel isn’t ruled out… (and I would go for that on TV to deal with rights issues, but in this, there’s something about a spaceship… not unlike the Impala…)

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