Serenity – Leaves on the Wind #3 & 4

Episode 5 will be reaching the rough draft point by the end of this week, so in the meantime, let’s resume our spoiler examination of the Serenity comic.

Issue 3

I admit I was nervous about this one as River “dived” into her memories to uncover new secrets about the Alliance.  Were we about to get a big revelation?  Would I have to junk most of episode 4 to stay in canon?  Thankfully Zack did not overplay the revelation hand this issue but made it a confirmation of what was hinted at in the movie and “Objects in Space”: there are more like River.

It is now an official running gag that we’ll never get a fight between Jayne & Jubal (which is fair as I don’t think you’d have an outcome that would satisfy the fans) but I did enjoy Kaylee blind-siding the guy.  I’ve never been that fond of Jubal as a character and thought he was, not too unlike Boba Fett, a bit overrated.

After a trip into her mind and back out, it seems also confirmed now that River is pretty much as close to “normal” as she’ll ever get, with maybe just enough mental damage to keep her Mary-Sue possibilities in check.

The final page does show one of the problems with the artwork as I was unable to tell who the last panel was supposed to be (heck he was drawn similar enough to Jubal I thought it was a clone at first).  Once the next issue confirmed who it was supposed to be… well it does make rereading the comic a treat.

Issue 4

First I just have to say that THIS:

Is one of my favorite comic covers of all time.  It’s just… gorgeous.

A plan and set up issue, this one is great for watching a lot of characters bounce off of each other – you know, what made so many of us fall in love with Serenity in the first place.

I do find Zoe’s fighting in the prison a bit hard to swallow.  I mean how long after the birth is this supposed to be?  I know she’s strong and all but… still.

A lot in this issue does feel like a tribute to some of the “what might have been” seasons of Firefly.  If you’ve read any of that, you’ll recognize a lot of touches in this issue, though a few things have been streamlined from a script for an hour-long show to a comic book.

This issue is far more straightforward than the previous but it is great to see all the pieces move into place for the climax we’ve been waiting for.

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