Serenity – Leaves on the Wind #5 & 6

You know what’s a good day?


The day you get the new Firefly RPG book AND all the latest Firefly figs.  So who wants to play?


Well until then, let’s take a look at the conclusion of the Serenity comic.

Issue 5

A great, action-packed issue that is probably my favorite of this run… it’s mostly fighting.  River against a similar student, Operative against Operative, Browncoats against… hang on, this is almost entirely a “_ vs [evil double of]_” issue.

Well it’s still entertaining and the flashbacks in the issue all pay off pretty well.

There are two main complaints I had here. (Sort of had a problem where Jayne gets his arm broke by someone that weighs less than the barbells he probably uses for curls but that could be artist fault not writer.)

1) I was disappointed some with River’s fight.  Sure I could see her or her opponent defeating opponents because their psychic ability should give them an advantage but what would happen when two psychics fight each other?  River seemed to transform into just another ordinary human being in this fight with no sign of the slaughter storm she unleashed on the Reavers.  I was hoping the fight would be more of an action packed stalemate with everyone else in the room getting knocked around as the two girls tried to figure out some advantage over the other.  Or maybe have the psychic soldier that was unleashed be a big muscular guy like Jayne that can work on cornering and just sheer overpowering River.  One kind of wonders why the Alliance is only picking psychic girls to fight at the moment. (Hmmm… wouldn’t the Alliance maybe be interested in having said girls be used for a kind of eugenic breeding program?  THAT would be evil.)

2) This may change when I sit down and reread the entire series in one go but the revelation about the browncoats didn’t have the impact I felt like they wanted.  The Alliance guy had a point (disorganization is a big advantage for the BCs) but I couldn’t figure if he was comparing the current independents to those in the first war or in the period after the war (because of everything we saw, the independents seemed pretty darned organized the first time around).

Issue 6

On the whole not bad and I greatly appreciate that they set up several potential threads for future stories.  The “interrogation” of the Alliance man was also awesome – though it does set up terrifying implications should any of the crew get captured by the Alliance (like Zoe this time – hey wait).  However, there were some pretty big flaws in this issue:

  • When Zoe is escaping, the biker-guards sent after her end up being an innumerable horde.  1) How do they have that many guards at a prison like that?  Especially when the idea of putting a prison at a hostile location is so you don’t have to have as many guards as usual.  2) This makes about the 2nd or 3rd comic (and +1 times now) where the big, on-screen, climatic flight was the crew vs a large number/horde of foes.  It kind of gives you the sensation that the story is getting into a rut.
  • Zoe vs Operative – Zoe wins?  After not only giving birth but after being in jail on an inhospitable planet?  While the Operative (a superb fighter) has barely strained himself recently?  No, I call foul on that.  Although not having to see it does give it a lot of wiggle room as any of the following could explain it: 1) Zoe is a cyborg. 2) Wrecked with guilt the Operative let her win. 3) The Operative turn and ran and Zoe was in no condition to chase him.  Well it’s also possible that Zoe has wrestled “mary sue” status away from River but I prefer to think it was 2.
  • Jubal’s revealed to barely be alive!  Meh, like I’ve said before, I don’t care about him.  Some might consider this a plus for the issue.
  • “You can fix her, Simon.”  This is, by far, the biggest deal.  We might have been able to overlook it before but in one panel the comic reveals: Simon now has no point.  In the show Simon had a plot arc: Fix River (with “screw Kaylee” being a second, competing arc).  Given that we only had one season, some of the other characters were denied arcs: Zoe, Wash (well he had 1 episode arc at least), and Kaylee.  Zoe/Wash’s arc was hinted at in “Heart of Gold” and embraced with the comics (parenthood).  In the lost episodes we see arcs that Kaylee might have had but ultimately all she’s really been given is: “be with Simon”.  Even a potential arc over having to deal with Jubal was resolved in issue 3.  Now that Kaylee & Simon are together, and River is “fixed”, there is nothing for them to do now.  Cure others that were operated on like River?  That can now be done on an outpatient basis.  There’s nothing really for Simon & Kaylee to do any more other than each other.  And not that they don’t deserve it, but they need something now to push their characters forward.  Those two are my favorite pair, let’s see something. (Heck an arc of Simon asking, “Now what do I do with my life?” would be a good one even if it was meta.)

Now how much longer until our next issue?

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