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Miranda was only the beginning…


So what is all this?

Well a friend and I were joking around.  We were both huge Firefly fans and I had just introduced them to Supernatural.  Then it came to us: Both of the RPGs for the SPN and FF (or at the time, “Serenity”) use the same game system (the “Cortex” system).  We could combine the two together with minimum effort!

Well the gaming sessions fell apart (so hard to find good crew these days) but the idea stuck in my mind.  SPN and FF do go together so well don’t they?  Family… fighting on the fringes of society… eking out a life amongst an uncaring universe… Mark Sheppard…

As much as I hate to say it, Serenity really did close the book on the Firefly universe.  We’d all love for the show to return but the important stories are told.  Where can we go from here?  Is there anything more for the ‘Verse?  That’s when it hit me: bring them all together.

What if… 500 years after the Winchesters’ battles, mankind has moved to the stars?What if… our monsters came with us?
What if… the truth about Miranda is only the beginning…

So please, enjoy this little fanfic project of mine.  Think of it as Firefly season 3… or Supernatural season 27.  It’s a Supernatural ‘Verse out there.  The adventure is just beginning…


This project dedicated to Eric Kripke, Joss Whedon, and Megan.  Thanks for your inspiration.

To contact me, just email “spnverse” at gmail (dotcom).