Episode 4 – Bird Mad Girl

The crew have made it to Miranda.  Now what do they do?

And what happens when they find something the Serenity crew missed the first time?

Find out in Episode 4.

(WARNING: this episode is kind of one of those “parental advisory” ones, so be forewarned if you are a sensitive type)


Episode 3 – Meaner than a Junkyard Dog

They have a plan, now it’s just a matter of pulling it off.

The question is, can they make it to the heart of Reaver territory?  If they survive, would they like what they find?

Episode 3 is now here.

And that’s my “mid season” hiatus until the summer comes around.  Unless enough people express a desire to get episode 4 before then.  Just leave a comment here or tweet @spnserenity for begging or threatening.

Stay shiny and keep flying!

Episode 2 – Ten Little Passengers

Episode 2 is now live, guest starring Mark Sheppard!

I’ve also been adjusting the document names to more closely match tv episode numbers (so no, there’s not a hundred episodes you’re missing, but rather, season 1, episode #).  Episode 1 is down at the moment as I correct it to standardize the format with it.

Also, now that I’ve got more than one to this site, time to announce… summer submissions!

Yep, when the long hiatus comes ’round in the summer, I’d like to do more of these episodes, but it takes a bit for me to get one of these done.  Besides, both Supernatural and Firefly are collaborative efforts so in that spirit, if you enjoy this and want to add to the ‘Verse as it is, by all means please do so.  Then send the story to “spnverse” at gmail (dotcom).  I may need you to correct a few things to bring it all in line with canon so you’ll probably want to make it a monster of the week episode.  And don’t forget that we want to keep this at the same level of network airing times SPN & FF had so don’t go all HBO with the sex & swearing.

Hope we get to put out some awesome stories this summer (and episodes 3 & 4 at least get released before January 14th).  Happy hunting everyone!  Keep flying.

Episode 1 – Aiding the Enemy

Episode 1 is finally here!

By all means enjoy.  If you want to be notified when the next episodes “air” (without having to keep up with the hiatuses SPN goes through), subscribe to this blog or follow the twitter account: @SPNSerenity.

UPDATE: Of course everything has a mishap on the first day.  Uploaded the working copy, not the finished PDF.  that has now been corrected.