Know what makes shows like Firefly & Supernatural so great?  Collaboration.

Though Joss & Eric have their names on the projects, there were a lot of people that helped bring about these awesome shows.

So please, pitch in and grow this project.  Here is the page for submissions and updates on them.  There’s no real rules for these, however there are suggestions that will increase your chance for acceptance.

  • Monster of the Week episodes and character examinations have a better chance than story arc submissions as you’ll have to end up predicting where things are going.
  • Be amendable to rewrites.  We might really like your story but need some things changed to bring it in line with character development and/or general canon.  If you pitch a fit and refuse to change a single word, we won’t be able to work together.
  • Keep it family friendly, or at least PG-13.  No explicit sex (trust me, this rule will make you a better romance writer) and if there’s shipping in there, at least have more of a plot than the hook up.
  • Stories of the Supernatural ‘Verse: Working on how to do this but I am hoping we can do collections of side stories, other ships and crews and more to really give a feel of a wider world.
  • Artwork and craft submissions are always welcomed and heartily endorsed (although any adult rated ones will probably be politely ignored).

Feel free to post links to them in the comments of this page or email “spnverse” of gmail (with the dotcom) with “Submission: [type]” in the subject line.  And thanks to each and every fan. 🙂


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