the Ship


Deck 1:

Echo Trail - int

Aft angle view.  Starting at the fore:
Starboard room is Jin’s quarters.
Port room is Kris’ quarters.
The next two rooms are workshops.
Then a large common area.
The back rooms are dedicated to engineering & ship maintenance.
The last is the engine room itself which takes up both decks.
(still working on populating this with furniture and stuff)

Deck 2:

Echo Trail - int D2
At the foremost is Lori’s shuttle and its dock.
On the starboard side (currently missing a floor) is Patch’s quarters.
Across from that, a study/library filled with books and anything else.
Next to Patch’s quarters is the infirmary.
Across the hall is a general purpose room.
Main cargo bay area.
Passenger dining area.
The room next to it is the pantry.
Then six rooms in the back for passengers in general.  4 single rooms, 2 large family quarters.


(coming once I find the right skin for the model)